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What kind of tree should I plant?2019-09-10T20:19:39-05:00

Whether you are looking for fast-growing, flowering, privacy, shade or evergreens, our knowledgable staff can assist you in finding the right tree for your needs. Through consultation, we will discuss which trees benefit your cause and lay out options for your to choose from.

How many trees should I plant?2019-09-02T17:50:38-05:00

If you are planting a wind break or privacy fence, or just looking to add trees to your landscape, we can help you decide the right number of trees for you.

Where should I plant a tree in my yard?2019-09-10T20:20:08-05:00

Proper spacing, wind and light exposure, and awareness of potential danger zones are just a few of the many key points our staff will discuss with you when determining where to plant your tree.

How big will my tree get?2019-09-02T17:56:24-05:00

Many factors contribute to how big or how fast a tree will grow. Each situation is different due to soil content, moisture, wind and light exposure, etc. Please use the information provided in the ‘Our Products’ of the website to help give you general sizes and characteristics of trees.

Will the leaves change color in the fall?2019-09-02T17:57:10-05:00

The leaves of deciduous trees change color in autumn before falling from the tree. However, the vibrance and longevity can vary from year to year due to weather. Remember, there are fifty more weeks in the year, so consider other things like branch structure, root strength, hardiness when determining which tree to purchase.

How do I care for the tree?2019-09-02T17:57:51-05:00

After planting the tree, our staff will go over a detailed watering plan for your tree as well as discuss any other treatments and care you can apply.

Is my tree guaranteed?2019-09-02T17:58:33-05:00

All tree plantings have a 1 year warranty. We guarantee the tree will be true to name and in healthy condition upon arrival.

What are the environmental impacts of planting a tree?2019-09-02T17:59:09-05:00

We are still learning all the benefits trees provide, yet the list is long and impressive. Trees are natures filters and healers taking in carbon and breaking down other pollutants while producing oxygen. Not only are they vital to the air we breathe, but just as important to the water we drink. The roots filter water runoff from storms and solidify soil and protect it from erosion.

Can I pick up my tree?2019-09-02T17:59:50-05:00 handles all delivery and planting of the trees.

Is my tree healthy?2019-09-02T18:00:27-05:00

There are many bugs and diseases attacking our trees today. We have the knowledge and expertise to help diagnose any problems you may encounter with your tree.

Can I pay online?2019-09-02T18:01:29-05:00

Currently we are not set up to receive online payments or process credit cards. All transactions must be cash or check, payable to “”

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